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Welcome to Sacred Spirit

Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary... a Freedom Project

wild horses at Sacred Spirit SanctuaryHope, Miel, Cymbal and Joaquin

At Sacred Spirit Sanctuary, we are committed to creating a healthy, stimulating, species appropriate, lifelong, natural habitat home for wild and domestic horses, burros and many farm animals. We welcome the unwanted and promise them care, kindness and compassion for life!

We are located in northern California on approximately 200 acres, and we are a registered 501(C)3 non-profit corporation.

FEIN # 81-3238927

Our Goal

Our organization was born out of a commitment to bring voice for those who can not speak, stop passing over some real problems of humanity, and explore why sanctuary is so important.

We have set out to aid those who need it the most, those who can't fit in,  the marginalized, cast out, damaged, abused and thrown away. Unlike a rescue which prepares horses for a life with humans, our sanctuary gives each individual their life back, and prepares them to live among their own kind.

This unique mission is all about creating an environment in which the animals can thrive within their own social structures with no fear of harm, or separation from their family and friends. 

Sanctuary is not only an end to suffering for some, it is also a place for the very well loved to retire and live out the rest of their days in peace and freedom.

This is a huge commitment which spans the life of all the animals and humans involved.  But we feel, the bigger the commitment, the bigger the beauty of the process, as we learn to let the horses and life be free to happen naturally. 

What We Envision

There are many philosophies when it comes to horses and all animals on how to best care for them. What we love and what we think they love often times are contradictory. Here at Sacred Spirit, we want everyone to live as natural and free a life as possible while being well cared for, safe and healthy. This amount of freedom comes with its own elements of risk but we feel their freedom of choice and dignity are the most important things we can give to them. This is what we make great effort to really hear.

As a non-riding and non-use sanctuary, we celebrate life with horses and all animals as friends and teachers. Each individual possessing special qualities and character, and serve only as an important 'messengers' of their culture.
It is our desire to serve them by finding ways of allowing their spirits to be free... so they can run, play, seek companionship with their own and to be exactly who they are, with no human expectations placed upon them.

When they have the freedom to express who they truly are we can learn so much about them, ourselves, communication and reality.
Their voice, their story... our story, is what we wish to share with you here.

Thank you for being here!

The Herds...


Wild born, removed from their wild lands, now enjoying a life of freedom in their sanctuary home.


Captive born... wild at heart.


Tiny but mighty!

The Herds
Join the Herd

You Can Make a Difference!

With the support and generous contributions from people like you, we are able to provide for all the animals here at Sacred Spirit.

You have the power to immediately make a difference!
If you would like to help us maintain this way of life for the animals please click on the button below to see some of the ways you can become involved.

Sacred Spirit Sanctuaries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your support or tax-deductible donation is very much appreciated!

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Helona by the Klamath River
Photos and Videos

The photos and videos in our gallery are a clear testament to the life and freedom of choice we work so hard to provide for everyone in our care.

Take a look at the warm memories, touching moments and reality of a life lived at liberty. Each picture serves to remind us of our goals for their freedom and the transformation of humanity as we know it.

We invite you to browse the gallery by clicking below.

The Board of Directors

And all the people behind the horses...

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