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Story submitted by Kathy Gregg

ACE belongs only to himself ... as it should be and always will be.

I have never in my life "met" anyone with so much presence as ACE. I don't think I have ever experienced "anyone" with so much charisma and yet gentleness in his eyes ... but he is without a doubt a wild horse and free spirit. Although he is the "ultimate" wild mustang ... he has a heart of gold. This is visible in the video that shows him on the range with his family – it shows his patience and understanding and loyalty to his mares and foals … his kindness.

ACE was born in Northern California on the public lands wild horse area known as Twin Peaks. He was captured three times by BLM, but released back into the wild twice. The third time, he was offered for sale and we paid his bail and he now lives out his retirement years at Sacred Spirit Sanctuary along with one of his mares "Barbie" and one of his sons "CC" from his family band in the wild.

Hundreds of years in the wild have ingrained mother nature's instinct and intelligence into these horses and although they surely all have it ... occasionally we humans are in tune enough to actually realize it and see it and feel it ... if we give ourselves the chance. We are the lucky ones to be able to appreciate ACE and all the wild ones.

~ Kathy Gregg

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