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It wasn't easy but it was meant to be...

"Barbie" is a beautiful wild palomino mare, she got her name because of her flawless blonde appearance. Barbie was born and lived the first years of her life in Northern California on the public lands wild horse area known as Twin Peaks. She was a mare with a foal in ACE’s family band – as can be seen in the ACE video. She was captured and removed from her homeland by BLM along with 1,799 other wild horses and burros in 2010. We were able to trace her whereabouts and adopt her two years afterward and she now lives with ACE and CC and all the other wild horses and burros here at Sacred Spirit Sanctuary.

Here is a recent video of Barbie enjoying their new pond.

There is no doubt that she loved her bath!

~ Kathy Gregg

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